Azure Dev Spaces by Microsoft

Azure Dev Spaces

Rapid, Iterative Kubernetes Development in Azure

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Rapidly iterate code in Kubernetes

With Azure Dev Spaces, you can run and debug multiple containers directly in Kubernetes just by hitting F5. Iterating code can be as quick as saving a code change and refreshing your browser seconds later. Develop your way with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, or the command line. Use Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Work better together

Share a Kubernetes development environment with your team and work together collaboratively. You can test your code end-to-end without replicating or mocking-up dependencies. Onboard new team members faster by minimizing their local dev machine setup and having them work in a consistent dev environment.

Harness the power of open ecosystems

Create and use Kubernetes and Docker configuration-as-code assets -- from development through production. Access your Kubernetes instance directly, and take advantage of a range of open-source tools, such as kubectl and Helm.

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