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Featured blog posts


How to debug Python Azure Worker Roles

Chris Wilcox | May 10, 2016

Two months ago I wrote a blog post on Python 3 Adoption. If you want to read the first post you can find it here. In the two months since that blog post was written we have more data to process and I I got to thinking ...

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Implementing a code of conduct for all of our open source work

Brett Cannon | March 29, 2016

When working in the open source world it is very important that everyoen feels welcome and safe. External contributors to a project need to feel welcome so that they want to contribute to the project.  ...

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How to deal with the pain of “unable to find vcvarsall.bat”

Steve Dower | April 11, 2016

Python's packaging ecosystem is one of it's biggest strengths, but Windows users are often frustrated by packages that do not install properly. One of the most common errors you will see is this one: "unable to find vcvarsall.bat" ...  

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Azure Python SDK 2.0.0rc2 is out!

Laurent Mazuel | March 29, 2016

My name is Laurent and I recently moved from France to join the Python team at Microsoft. Along with the rest of our team, I am responsible for maintaining the Azure Python SDK, and we are glad to announce ... 




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