Visual C++ 2015 Build Tools

Standalone compiler, libraries and scripts

These tools allow you to build C++ libraries and applications targeting Windows desktop. They are the same tools that you find in Visual Studio 2015 in a scriptable standalone installer. Now you only need to download the tools you need to build C++ projects.

The Visual C++ Build Tools download is refreshed to include every Visual Studio update. Visual Studio updates won't install on top of the Visual C++ Build Tools installation.



Looking for the VS 2017 C++ Build Tools?

Looking for the Visual C++ Build Tools for VS 2017? They're integrated into the new, lightweight VS 2017 installer. Please see this post on the VC Blog for more information.


MSBuild Command Prompt Screenshot


How you can use the Build Tools


Standalone Compiler

Use the Visual C++ compiler on Windows to build your tools.

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Visual Studio Code logo

Visual Studio Code

Lightweight editor for Linux, MacOS, and Windows with its C++ Extension.

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Team Build Server logo

Team Build Server

Use the tools to set up a build server for your team.

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Python logo


Install non-pure Python packages or compile a Cython or Pyrex file.

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Nodejs logo


Use native add-ons in Node.js with node-gyp.

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Rust lang logo


Build Rust for Windows for use with the MSVC ABI.

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Develop C++ tools and libraries with Visual Studio

Visual Studio provides a free, fully featured development environment for C++ developers


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