Visual Studio Connected Environment by Microsoft

Visual Studio Connected Environment for AKS

Rapid Kubernetes Development in Azure

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Iteratively develop with speed on Kubernetes

Today's iterative development loop for building containerized applications is laborious: edit code, build containers, publish updated images, deploy, diagnose via logs... Each iteration takes minutes! With Visual Studio Connected Environment, you can run and debug your container code just by hitting F5. Connected Environment links Visual Studio to Azure-managed Kubernetes and automatically syncs and launches your code with minimal setup on your local machine.

    Develop as you want with:

  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and command-line
  • Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Full debugging experiences for .NET Core and Node.js

Work better together

Setting up a development environment representative of production is a time-consuming and complex process, often requiring custom solutions to handle components that you don't own. Connected Environment enables you to easily share a Kubernetes instance with multiple developers. You and your team members can test your own code in isolation and in conjunction with other components that your code interfaces with.

    Connected Environment lets you:

  • Focus on just your part of an application
  • Test your code end-to-end without replicating or mocking up dependencies
  • Experiment freely with code changes without fear of breaking your team

Harness the power of open ecosystems

Connected Environment lets you access your Kubernetes instance directly and leverage the breadth of open-source tools such as kubectl and helm. Visual Studio also produces Kubernetes and Docker configuration-as-code assets for you to use from development to production.

    Connected Environment gives you:

  • Access to Kubernetes using kubectl and helm
  • Helm charts and Dockerfile

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